I’m Kelly Kitashima


I'm humbly requesting your vote! You deserve a choice! I promise to listen to your concerns and ensure your voice is represented at the state legislature! Together we can R.I.S.E. up and make Hawaii State a much better place for our families! It's time for real change!

Reduce costs and Reinvent how we manage Hawaii!

If we are to have any hope of getting our communities back on track it will take those of us who understand how business works! In addition; budgets must be managed, unnecessary spending cut and our elected official's held accountable to those budgets. I promise to not allow lobbyists to dictate policy and law in the islands that only ends up benefitting the very rich and the special interest groups they represent!

Improve crumbling Infrastructure

Our bridges, roads, parks, public restrooms, power plants and sewer systems are crumbling, yet we have managed to spend $9 BILLION on rail that will only benefit Oahu! The rail is a perfect example of how the same state leadership for the past 20+ years has allowed special interest groups to line their pockets with cash while everything else falls apart with no regards for local families. I will help to reverse that course and ask the tough questions that need to be answered!

Safety and Sustainability for all of our keiki & kupuna!

Unparalleled unemployment, a global pandemic that seems to have no plan around mitigating it, an opioid crisis that is out of control and many other issues are attacking our way of life. Our economy is devastated due to the turn down in the hospitality industry. We have to diversify, be self sufficient, and encourage farming. As an essential worker in the public sector I have experience in encouraging collaboration! I'll be there to help!

Engaged community involvement

Introducing new communication technology that is user-friendly for all age groups so we can keep our local communities informed and engaged in state policy and provide them a quicker voice and direct connection to our elected officials. Knowing the issues and being able to weigh in on them and providing a voice for all is essential in today's age to start tackling these bigger issues. WE can do better!

Five beliefs that might make you a Moderate Republican like me:

Growing up , my family never subscribed to the policies and political grand-standing associated with the republican or democratic party. Instead my brother and I were encouraged to ask lots of questions, do our own fact finding and form our own opinions based on the evidence we uncovered. That has served me well to this day. While fiscal issues tend to bring out my conservative republican roots, social issues tend to capture my heart and pull at the moderate democratic spirit inside me. For the last several years I have counted myself as an independent, however when I was encouraged to run on the republican ticket I couldn't pass it up. For no other reason then we have had a one party government in Hawaii for decades. We have real issues that have not been addressed in that time. I firmly believe that I am uniquely equipped to be a catalyst of change for our state. I will highly encourage community engagement and coming together to tackle the issues that we have struggled with for over twenty years! Together I know we can make it happen. I see myself being able to bridge both parties and encourage collaboration and Aloha where it has sadly been lacking!

Won't you join me and help be part of the fix?

You believe in fiscal responsibility and leaders who know how to balance a budget!

You support lower taxes and deregulation - when and where it makes sense!

You support affirmative action, a woman's right to choose, same sex marriage and adoption!

You believe it takes rolling up your sleeves and getting involved to accomplish goals!

You feel that our differences are what makes us stronger as a community and they should be celebrated!

my why

My family is my 'why'! They are the reason I work so hard and why I am running in this race for state senate! Jay my husband of 16 years, Kainalu my soon to be college student and my precious Kahiau who makes me smile every day! I cannot thank you all enough for the encouragement, strength and support you provide me! I promise to do what I preach to each of you on a daily basis: Give it my all, work hard, play fair, listen more then I speak and make our state a better place for my grandchildren and your keiki!


"Vote for change! Kelly Kitashima is a caring & compassionate young

woman who is committed to listening to and responding to the concerns of her constituents...

fighting extensions to the tax surcharge to pay for rail,

addressing the needs of the homeless and increased safety and security of Hawaii’s residents and numerous other issues!"

-Glenda, Pearl City

"Kelly Kitashima exemplifies the aloha spirit! Despite her own career, being a mother of two, community and Keiki events, Kelly always finds the time to keep her thumb on the pulse of what is going on at the state capitol. Often times she is the first person we hear information from on very important issues. Kelly is NOT a lobbyist or beholden to special interest groups, she fights for our local families and has a heart as big as the Mauna! She's not afraid to speak up and fight the tough battles that make a difference to our quality of life! We are forever grateful for her commitment to our state!"

-Leilani, Aiea

"Watching the impact Covid-19 has had on our island is humbling. So many people with out a job and no income coming in and struggling to make ends meet. It's sad. And while lots of people are comfortable doing nothing and waiting for someone 'else' to fix it, Kelly Kitashima is out there in the community helping out where she can! Whether it's organizing food drives for those in need, or finding housing for homeless veterans or providing shelter to young woman who are trapped in their homes with an abusive spouse or boyfriend she is always giving! She is aloha! She makes this island and our community a better place!"

- Brian, Kapolei

Help Support Kelly's Senate Campaign

Donate any amount up to $4000!

Kelly is on a mission to give you a choice! Politics as usual in Hawaii is not working. We need real change and smarter plans that incorporate our communities voices so they are actively involved in the decisions and policies being put in place! No more lobbyists or special interest groups writing the laws that only benefit them! Community, Family, Keiki and Kupuna need to come first! Let's start with reinventing our economy, get the corona virus under control and then make changes that are designed for the people by the people! Now is the time. YOU Deserve a CHOICE! Let's R.I.S.E. up together! #Imua!

Contributions to Friends of Kelly Kitashima are limited to $4,000 in the aggregate for the election period from Hawaii residents. Hawaii law requires Friends of Kelly Kitashim to collect and report the required itemization information for contributions received. To comply with the legal disclosure requirements, we collect and report the contributor’s name, address, and, as applicable, occupation and employer. Information disclosed in campaign finance reports is a matter of public record. By law, we may not accept and do not accept contributions from foreign nationals, foreign corporations, or domestic corporation or local subsidiary owned by a foreign national where financial control is retained by a foreign corporation; from persons or entities with certain contracts with the state, any of its counties, or any department or agency during the pendency of the contract; or, from any person who intends to seek reimbursement for contributions from any other person or entity.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Help Change Hawaii.

We are all in this together. Everyone has a part to play in correcting the mistakes from the past and forging a path to prosperity again. Now more than ever Kelly needs your help to rebuild our communities and jumpstart our economy! We need to save our small businesses and get people back to work! Together we need to find alternatives to our houseless challenges, expanding mental health care for those that are in need and figure out a better way to address crime in our neighborhoods. Our prisons are maxed out. Most importantly how do we encourage #AlohaAlways? WE deserve better, our keiki and kupuna deserve better. In whatever capacity you are able to assist- whether it be time, money or resources, Kelly wants to hear from you! Let's reinvent the future! Click the button to connect with Kelly or interact with her on her social!

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